Thursday, May 31, 2007


So, I have been ordering things from amazon to make life a lot easier and more fun for myself. Now.. I ordered some stuff and received a 1st, and 2nd notice from UPS, with a checkbox next to "MUST HAVE SIGNATURE IN PERSON" so I was like "crap.." so I told my work that I'd be waiting for a package, and I'll get in when it comes in if it isn't too late. Now.. I wait, and no rings at the door, so I go downstairs and find my packages near the door. It is now 5:00PM. I could have gone to work today, but nooo.. UPS had to be a dick and just be all "We need your sig-- GOTCHA! HOHOHOWEHOHWOAH!"

I hate UPS.

Sunday, May 20, 2007

Haven't wrote here in a while.

Another boring weekend.. I really need to go explore the city, which I probably will today, or next week. But Monday it looks like I'm getting a tour.. so, hopefully that will go by well. As for things to report.. nothing.. blah, nothing at all.. trying to sleep through the days but I can only sleep for so long.. haven't met anyone new.. or anything like that.. seems to be a good ol boring day on the east coast.

Monday, May 14, 2007

I'm a New Englander!

Well, as I was taking the subway to work, I walked over to the small restaurant and ordered a calzone, stepped out to pick up my laundry and went back to get my food. As I walked down the street with my laundry in one hand and food in the other, it occurred to me.. I'm now a regular resident of the Jamaica Plain area, and even more, Massachusetts. I'm a functioning member of society that paid his taxes, and uses services around him to survive in this state. WOW, MIND BLOWING

Anyway, work is, work, and that's pretty much all it is, that and FUN. The monotony is setting in, however, as a workaholic, I keep going.

I met a friend here recently, she's from San Diego and we talk alot about California and how she misses it. I do too, but I can't let that bug me now, I'm waiting a month before I start getting homesick.

It's now been 20 days since I started work, and I guess you could say I haven't changed that much, no accent yet, but I'm trying. Well, hope to see you guys soon in the near future, til then, take care!

Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Hell of a Day

Well, I get on the subway with my paper, and start doing the crossword. I try to complete it before entering the office, and I did but forgot one word. Then I saw my coworker and he asked me how it was going and I said "I didn't finish the puzzle! UGGH WHAT A DAY!" he laughed and mentioned that the day hasn't even started.. which I knew..

I sit at my desk and check out "ERROR!"

I shrug it off because the errors I had to fix before were easy, then I saw:


Well this is much different than my usual 2 or 3.

I spent most of the day and didn't take a lunch trying to fix these, and the coder was on my case for not reporting bugs, but I told him that I'm trying to fix these errors as fast as I can. I think he thought that me and my co-worker and supe were helping me, however I did them all. I got in at 9, and by 3, everything was all gravy. Just in time to make a deadline. So, naturally I spent most of the day screwing around, because if I compress my day, I spend about 3 hours of it doing nothing.

Oh, and I found out that piece of mail that's been sitting in my backpack for all these days wasn't a pay stub, it was my actual paycheck.. so.. good game, thank god I didn't throw it away.

Monday, May 7, 2007

I'm a regular employee now.

Well, I'm no longer the new guy as new people keep coming in. Today, I integrated assets like a beast. They gave me 7 to do for the week, and I finished 5 of them. Luckily they don't have anymore so they won't be tossing any more at me.

Anyways, it's was a ho-hum day, but I was greeted by.. MY FIRST PAYCHECK! WAHOOZLE! I can see why some people don't stay unemployed. It's because you get money, and you can only watch Cheaters for so long without getting bored.

Well.. that's all I got people, gonna go play Earth Defense Force '07. My roommate picked it up, it's such a low-budget game.. but god damn is it fun.

Saturday, May 5, 2007

Los Bendecidos

Down the street is this place called Los Bendecidos. Which is not a mexican restaurant.. but a Spanish one.

Now, what does that entail? First off there's pizza, calzones, chicken fingers and fries and all that which is perfect, but there's some rustic family style spanish food there.

Rice, fried pork chops, fried chicken, empanadas, cicharron, fried bananas. You filipinos know what I'm talkin about.

What a suiting place. A Spanish restaurant located in Boston, for a whitewashed filipino.


Friday, May 4, 2007

Staying late!

Wow, thanks to my little escapade last night, I realize I don't have to rush home after work. I just got home and wow, this place is harmless, it's just like those plastic scissors you got in kindergarten.

I know the minute I step out now, I'm gonna get shanked, but oh well. Work.. was.. well.. work.. I'm slowly getting used to living here.. the only thing that sucks is that my room isn't furnished.. so.. I'll probably have to do something about that..

Thursday, May 3, 2007

I walked 5 miles for a Green Tea Frap.

So, it's 10pm. I swore I'd never go out at night, since I heard that the area is bad at night, but PSSH! It's peaceful compared to Richmond. A friggin school play yard full of rabbits and retarded kids. Anycrap. I met another friend on Craigslist, that didn't turn up to be a dude. Anywho, she works over at a Starbucks and said I'd get a free drink if I visit her.

Everyone who knows me knows that... I got lost. Ended up walking all over Harvard.. down the wrong way of Massachusetts Ave. Which I think runs along a good portion of the state. I get my drink at 11, after leaving at 9.

Harvard is nice at night, and it's really really boring. I didn't have to run from anything, lame..

So anyway.. I hop back on the train at 11:30 and make it before they shut down the T (the name of the subway system). And headed to Jamaica Plain (Boston's version of Oakland) There was no one around! Where are the crackheads that come out at night? No pipes on the floor, I saw pens. PENS GODDAMNIT.. Broken pens in the gutter. So.. I walked home without a hitch, and a fistful of pens I can use at work.

So.. here I lay.. in bed, writing this blog, work in 9 hours, and I'm not tired.. just sweaty from all that hardcore walking.

To summarize. Harvard is nice, and I can walk the streets at night. Just as long as I have my dirty black hoodie which I now dub the "Does it look like I have money, motherfucker?" jacket.

I left early!

Ok, so I show up at work early, and I normally leave at six.. so I leave at four.. and I keep track of my hours for Ex'ternship, and I noticed I was still in the office for 9 hours. I'm working to hard, I gotta slow down or else I'll get burnt out. It's not even crunch time yet, what's up with that?

Today.. (I was gonna type what I did but not sure if I'm allowed to say) ..and it was fun! Seriously guys, get this game.. and tell all your friends to get it... so I get paid. :P

Anyways, I'm hungry, so I'm gonna go to Dunkin Donuts. If you don't know, they're everywhere around here.. sucks balls.

Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Today was bleh..

I spent most of one day on one thing, it made me feel like crap since I do stuff fast, but I couldn't focus today, it's probably because my mind is somewhere else. Well, today was fruit salad day and it didn't make me work any better, but bleh, I'll show up tomorrow and start kicking ass again. HARD.

Tuesday, May 1, 2007


Wow, today was a regular day at the office. I'm actually having those now. The walk is nothing, and the subway is a breeze.. actually a bad breeze.. on the way home it was packed and it smelled like feet.

At work, I broke the game. But luckily, I fixed it, and everything seems to be going well now. I have a big list of shit that I have to do, alot of it is skinning and bone placement. Wahoo skinning and bone placement!

Another weird thing I saw, I saw a mini-parade down the streets.. and I was told that it was protesters.. damn, protesters here are creative and clever!

Anyways, off I retire for another night, I still haven't explored Boston yet, but I probably will this weekend, see you guys later.