Friday, July 27, 2007

Week 1 of Crunch! ..oh wait.. it's only Friday

Well, the week's gone by fast despite the 55 hours. It's not so bad, we're in a bigger space and going to the bathroom is twice as long, getting a vitamin water is about three times as long. I also get to dodge scooters and mini bicycles that race down the hallway. It's so surreal watching your manager pedal down the hallway on a tiny bike. It's like a bad dream.

Anyway, the workload has been immense but normally I just sit down, shut up and finish things quick so I can spend the rest of the day walking around the office conversing with people.

Oh, strange story. There was a moldy cupcake floating around work. I looked at it, and it wasn't that moldy. I took a bite and it was fine, they were like, tiny little flakes on top that could be brushed off, anyway, I ate it and my coworker said "Oh wow! You ate it? Here's 50 bucks, we were daring someone to eat it!" so that's an added bonus. Feeling bad on spending the money on myself, I bought nerf guns with the money and pocketed the rest.

Work will be fun + 1.

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A said...

Man. You ate a moldy cupcake? The kids are proud Babe! j/k Miss Ya a whole bunch!